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Simple Elegance Catering Companies

When searching for a catering company, it is extremely important to consider only those companies that are licensed, insured and who operate from a commercial kitchen.  Personal referrals from a friend or colleague are the best ways to find a professional catering company that can provide you with the best quality food and service for your special event. 

Saving Money on Catering

There are several ways that you can save money when looking for services for your special event.

Service Level

Self Service Catering - Consider picking the food up directly from the catering company.  This will help reduce costs by eliminating the need to pay staffing and delivery charges. 

Drop Off Catering - Another option is to have the catering company just drop off the food.  There will be a delivery charge for this.  You then have your own staff or volunteers do the set up, service and clean up.  Simply, return any equipment that you rented to the catering company the next day.

Full Service Catering - This by far can be the most expensive.  The catering company takes care of everything.  For certain events, this is the best way to go.  Especially, if the event is complex and large.  Professional catering companies just make it happen.  They do this all the time.  Get a good one!

Type of Menu

Not all menus are created equal.  Selecting an Hors D 'Oeuvre menu can be almost expensive or more that a buffet dinner.  It depends upon the menu items and quantities.  Catering companies have basic menus. You can always as for fancier or to add other components into the mix to give a little more variety.

Build Your Own Sandwich - This sounds like a great idea, but can drive costs up quickly.  Premade sandwiches or box lunches most often will help to contain costs.

Meatballs - Probably one of the most economical and best values if it is priced correctly.  They can be eaten with a tooth pick in one bite or two.

Chicken Wings - Sounds great and they are popular for some events.  Stay away from these for weddings.

Baked Beans - These are on almost every company picnic menu.  Quite frankly depending upon the part of the country (and the recipe) these are not always so popular. If they are on a menu and not your favorite, ask to have something else as a substitute, such as Dixie cups for desert.


Seafood - No matter how many prawns on ice you order, they will all get eaten. Same goes for the rest of the ocean.  Save on food cost by having these as a passed item for a short while instead of help yourself on the buffet.

Contact a local catering company and inquire about the types of events they have done.  Be sure to ask what their specialty is and request a tasting.  Also, find out what size of events the catering company has done.  Make sure they can handle your business.  Wedding buffet menu ideas.